Saturday, September 10, 2005

Impressed Men...

by Marjorie me nuts. It seems that every time we drive around our county, with me directing the way, my DH looks at me approvingly and says "you really know your way around." I have lived in this county for three decades, I should know my way around. I never say to him when we visit his county that he knows his way around -- it seems quite natural to me that he would.

My dad does this to me all the time -- gets impressed by basic, logical conclusions I draw. He also repeats his advice -- for years he told me to watch out for potholes in the winter and to avoid them. Duh, when I see a pothole I want to hit it dead on at high speed, right? Oh, no, avoid, avoid. I ALWAYS forget that one.

My husband and my dad both know me well -- I don't get why they are surprised by anything I say or do. On one hand, its sort of flattering, but on the other hand its incredibly insulting. Oh well, I've always figured its better to be underestimated -- they never see it coming.

Okay, I admit this is a lame post, but at least no one is going to annoy me by being impressed with it.

Potty Blogging -- the un edition

by Marjorie
Good news, Gabrielle, almost 3, is completely trained. The bad news is, she knows everything she does in her pull-up and refuses to use the potty. Sigh. Oh well -- she is at the point where I can ask her to do her more significant elimination processes at home. I don't know if she's complying with my request, or if she only feels comfortable at home or at my parents'. Regardless, changing her in public is really easy -- she just steps out of her wet pull-up and into a dry one. Does this make me happy? Not really, but it is what it is.

Even though I'm not a fan of rewards (but am a fan of Alfie Kohn), I did try to persuade her to use the potty with an offer of chocolate. That worked for Suzanne but its not working with Gabrielle. It was amusing -- I told her she could get 3 squares of chocolate (from a Hershey bar -- that would be 1/4 of a serving size to Henry) for using the potty. Not only did she refuse, later, when I asked if she wanted to use to potty without mentioning any rewards, she shouted "no chocolate!"

We shall see -- Suzanne was completely potty-trained at 3 and 2 months, maybe her sister will be the same. Maybe not.