Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Book Meme

by Marjorie
I've been tagged for my first meme by dgm. Oh my goodness, I don't think it was my first tag, I think Robbo over at llamabutchers tagged me with something awhile ago but I didn't see it until several weeks after he posted it and I never did it.... Oooo that must make me a terrible person. I think it had to do with music and I was untimely and uninspired. Sorry about that Robbo, but you're still my favorite arch-conservative (Daddy's my favorite conservative, but I don't think he's arch).

1. Total number of books owned.
Hmmm...maybe a couple hundred but I try to weed them regularly. I love selling them to a used book store for credit and I donate others. We do have tons of children's books -- I'm addicted and most were purchased for a dime apiece at used book sales.

2. Last book bought.
It feels like a lie because it was 'bought' using store credit from the aforementioned used book store, but I am Charlotte Simmons.

3. Last book read.
The Lovely Bones -- nope, not one to pride myself on reading currently popular materials.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me.
These are my first grasps at some of my favorites from my adult life.
1) The Bible -- I'm not currently reading it, but I spent three years taking a Bible study. I've read maybe about half of it -- lots of Old Testament but I've only read half the Gospels and a few epistles. Not a thumper anymore, but definitely a book that means a lot to me.
2) To Kill a Mockingbird
3) From sheer volume, I'd have to say Jackie Collins books. How else would I know what a 'Binaca blast' is?
4) Teach Your Own, Learning All the Time, How Children Fail -- by John Holt. As my DH says, 'we drank the homeschooling kool-aid.'
5) Moo by Jane Smiley

Am I supposed to pass this on? I could barely complete it myself....


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