Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vacation Reading

by Marjorie
We're going to the beach in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for some light, funny, interesting summer reading. I'm currently reading homeschooling books and a book on comparative religion. I used to be a big fiction reader but I've drifted away from that recently. My recent fiction books have been Susan Howatch novels, but I've gotten tired of the formula and of the religious/spiritual format (they really all say the same things anyway).

So, I'm looking for something to read but I would prefer not to actually purchase the book. I've requested books from the local library, however, I'm deep enough in the waiting lists and the library holdings are few enough that I don't think I'll get any of them in time for vacation. My husband insists I won't have much time to read since we have young children, but I'll have the loooong car trip down and back and last couple of years I was able to do a fair amount of reading. Of course, our youngest was napping then, giving me a 2-hour block every afternoon while DH took the eldest on outings to the playground or pool. The youngest is no longer napping, so maybe DH has a point.

Anyway, what do I want to read? Prep, I am Charlotte Simmons, Smashed. Yep, I'm looking for books about collegiate life replete with substance abuse shenanigans in an attempt to learn why we do stupid things in college (at least, some of us). Probably won't get them from the library and don't want to fork out the cash for them.

DH suggested I Don't Know How She Does It which would definitely be available at the library. Doesn't appeal to me. I read the Nanny Diaries a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. I thought the first half was really funny but found the second half immensely depressing. Poor kid. The nanny I found to be too self-centered even for a college student. It was a good read though and would be perfect beach reading.

I just saw a review for White House Nannies, that could be fun. The waiting list isn't too long, but with only a few copies in the library system, I'm unlikely to get it.

Yes, I could shell out the money to buy one of these books, but I'm now faced with option paralysis as to which one I want to read enough to buy it. Too many choices.

I'll probably read a book about a Zen practitioner facing a terminal illness, thats available at the library.


Blogger Anne Zelenka said...

I was going to suggest The Kite Runner--my mom said it was great--but then I noticed you said you wanted something light and funny.

Did you see the movie A Walk to Remember? I rented it recently and loved it. I cried and cried. It's based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. I don't know that you want a tearjerker, but I bet it's a good book and you could probably find it at the library. That's also not light and funny. I can't think of a funny one that's been out for a while.

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