Friday, May 06, 2005


by Marjorie
I got a chance to play some tennis today. I suppose I'm the girl with the curl -- when I make good shots, they are very good, but when I don't, my shots are horrid.

I remember years ago playing on an office volleyball team. A friend of mine stated bluntly that I'm an inconsistent player -- she couldn't predict where I would send the ball or if I'd even make it over the net. She was probably pretty frustrated about that.

Its not that I'm unathletic, its just that I've never had much practice in any of these sports. My mom never wanted me playing rec league sports because they really interrupt family time on weekends. So, I can play sports, but I'm either not good or I'm inconsistent.

It makes me wonder where else in my life I'm inconsistent -- definitely with mothering, I can be very moody. My husband tells me I'm not inconsistent as a spouse, but I think he's trying positive reinforcement.

Consistency now....consistency now....


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