Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ending, Beginning, Spiraling

by Anne Zelenka
Ending: our dedicated and hard-working Thai au pair, Rose, will complete her two-year stint with us in September. I'm ready to move forward, given my last child has mostly passed through toddlerhood and is ready to become a preschooler. I'm terrible at babies and toddlers, but okay (I think) with preschoolers and older.

Best wishes to you, Rose; I hope you get everything you want and deserve.

Beginning: Another school year on Maui, this time with all three kids at the same Montessori school that I love so well.

Ending: I quit the online master's program I was pursuing in health education. It was pretty interesting but I've closed the door on doing anything in the health arena or on moving on to doctoral training. I had thought of nursing (was even about to begin a second-degree nursing program before we relocated to Maui). Then I thought about health education and behavior. That made me consider a Ph.D. in psychology or health economics or education, but finally, the blogosphere as well as my sister's own experiences making an academic career suggested to me that the payoff from a Ph.D. would not compensate for the investment required.

Spiraling: Back to software--I've decided that I'll refresh my technical skills and return to my first career in software development. There are jobs in software development in virtually every city we'd like to live in and I want to set an example for my girls of how a woman can succeed doing technical work.

Beginning: Blogging again, after a little hiatus.

Ending: Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Is it going to be just Chocolate or just Peanut Butter for now? I know that chocolate isn't the same without peanut butter and peanut butter is nothing on its own. However, I've not been motivated to blog lately and neither has Marjorie. But I'm not going to call an end to it yet. I'll just post less frequently and see what happens. It's been a great way to keep up with friends and family.

Spiraling: Maybe back to the Barely Attentive Mother, my first blog? I'm not going to have built-in childcare anymore so when the kids aren't in school I'll be seriously inattentive, as I polish my technical skills with some online programming skills. Plus, a summer without Buddhism has left me wanting, wanting, wanting instead of being, being, being.

Spiraling: My thighs, in yoga class, in less than twenty minutes. Aloha!

UPDATE 10:40 am. Woops. Yoga class starts at 11 am, not 10:45 am. So I can fit in one more very important spiraling.

Spiraling: Double-digit anniversary celebration at a fancy inn, this Saturday night. This time, for our eleventh, we're going to the Hotel Hana Maui. Last year, for our tenth, we went to the Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia. How great to be able to take an island vacation without even hopping a plane!


Blogger Marjorie said...

Yeah, sorry about not posting much -- I've been getting more involved with my state's homeschooling association with legislative affairs. I get to homeschool and develoop professionally -- fun, fun!

Best to Rose -- she's such a sweetheart.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Anne Zelenka said...

No worries, Marjorie, and no apologies necessary. If you have time, keep on posting at unclimber about homeschooling. It's very interesting and I like to hear what you and your girls are up to.

5:57 PM  

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