Friday, August 19, 2005

Brainy Blogging

by Anne Zelenka
Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide propose that blogging is good for the brain (via Kevin Drum). The Eides are neurolearning experts who focus mainly on children with learning difficulties. Their blog makes for tremendously interesting reading. For example, check out this recent post discussing Bill Gates' ideas about revamping education and offering their own research-based prescriptions for change which include dispensing with the age/grade-based approach that fails to meet different children's needs.

The Eides offer that blogs exercise the brain by:
  • Promoting critical and analytical thinking
  • Requiring creative, intuitive, and associational thinking
  • Encouraging thinking by analogy
  • Offering access to quality information
  • Combing solitary reflection with social interaction
Well, I'm convinced. Based on this and my recent revival as a blogger, I'm revamping my own blogging. I'm going to keep up my four blogs as follows:
  • EconoMom -- money, shopping, economics, career issues, balancing work and family, and maybe a little bit of politics
  • Chocolate and Peanut Butter -- playgroup conversation. Parenting, kids, education, and family life.
  • Barely Attentive -- personal growth and goals, Buddhism, yoga, anything new agey, personal whining.
  • The Everyday Cafe -- recipes, cooking, meal planning, and grocery shopping.
If I keep up with all that, my brain should stay in fine shape!


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