Monday, May 16, 2005

A Virtual Playgroup

by Anne Zelenka
When we were tossing around ideas for this blog, Marjorie suggested we make it like a playgroup. I confess I didn't really get it. Now, after doing it for a week, I get it, and I really like it.

We wanted to avoid judging and ranting. We haven't ranted, but my post about finding out the gender of your child was more judgmental than I wanted--it was not something I'd say in an actual playgroup; it was too confrontational. But it led to just the type of exchange I'd like to have in an actual playgroup--other mothers telling me why they weren't finder-outers and helping me understand this choice. It made me remember that I was a non-finder-outer until I was 36 weeks pregnant with my first child. Then I was just too impatient and the doctor with her ultrasound wand all too accommodating. Though I was certain I was carrying a girl, it was my dear Henry, now nine years old.

Here in Maui, I really haven't made good friends. I haven't made the effort. I'm busy writing and blogging and planning for the career I'm going to launch when I return to the mainland. I made such good friends in Virginia that I feel no lack of friends in my life. And I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything because I have my playgroup here on Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

Come on in, sit down, have a Reese's, and let's talk.


Blogger Marjorie said...

Thats all right, at least you eventually got me, sigh, unlike so many others...:-)

I'm all for avoiding ranting and judging but I'm even more for chatting and your gender post probably got the most comments. It also wasn't hot-button enough to raise tempers, it was perfect.

Keep 'em coming -- I need someone to talk to while the kids play around the house!

5:58 AM  

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